Anafi, Greece

Sitting on the southeastern side of the Cyclades island group, Anafi is a little gem in the Greek islands. Thanks to its proximity to the worldwide famous Santorini island, island hopping between Santorini and Anafi is a must. Although it is so close to Santorini island, Anafi has nothing to do with the first’s cosmopolitan ambiance. Unlike Santorini, Anafi island Greece is still untouched by mass tourism, keeping its traditional charm!

Anafi island Greece has, just like Santorini, volcanic origins, so it boasts a very unique volcanic landscape. Imposing cliffs and raw sandy beaches create a wild natural scenery, ideal for those who love holidays in nature!

Thanks to its relaxing atmosphere and extraordinary natural setting, Anafi island has emerged as a great destination for camping! Given that most Anafi beaches are easily accessible by foot and that the island has just one village, it’s pretty easy to get around the island.

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