Syros, Greece

Sitting in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Syros is a mixture of Cycladic and Venetian architecture. Just imagine whitewashed houses blending with colorful mansions and big churches, surrounded by the Cycladic nature. Dreamy, right?

Ermoupoli, the capital of Syros island and also the orthodox town of Syros, is an architectural gem! Colorful mansions, neoclassical buildings, imposing orthodox churches and squares, create the most postcard-perfect place in Syros! For a dip into the culture of Ermoupolis, visit the Town Hall building, which was created by Ernst Ziller, Apollo Theater and Pallas cinema.
Hiking the hill above Ermoupoli, you’ll find the Catholic town of Syros, Ano Syros. While Ermoupoli boasts a Venetian beauty, Ano Syros is the typical Cycladic town with whitewashed houses and narrow alleys. Ano Syros seems to have been made for strolls! Wander at its narrow little lanes, visit the Renaissance Cathedral of Saint George and marvel at the breathtaking view to Ermoupolis. Let this place bewitch you!

The island’s coastline is fringed with beautiful Syros beaches, the most popular of which are located on the southern side of the island. The best Syros beaches are Kini beach, Galissa beach, Delfini beach, and Dellagratsia beach.

Syros is famous for one thing in particular: Syros Easter! Every spring, Ermoupolis bursts with life, as it is the center of the Easter festivities. People from all over the world go to Syros to live the original Greek Easter experience, including Easter, treats, gospel chanting in the island’s beautiful churches, holy processions, religious hymns, and feasts.

Syros holidays is, hands down, a truly unique experience!

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