Yacht Management

Permanent berthing position

Planning ahead, even right after the summer, is essential in order to have more possibilities and options to find the suitable berthing position for your boat. If you want your boat to reserve a permanent Hellenistic position, our company can advise you with the best solution, based on your needs.



At Sailines we take care for all repairs and proper maintenance of your boat, so that you can sail safely and in comfort. As in medical, prevention is always better than cure, our advice is to regularly schedule maintenance work for your boat, at least once a year in order to ensure your boat seaworthiness and reliability.


Insurance of fares according to the policy followed by each shipowner

One of our main functions is to ensure your yacht is chartered during the summer season and maximize your ROI.

Big discounts on the purchase of a new boat

We will be happy to assist you in any way we can in the ‘journey’ of buying your own boat, private or business, new or pre-owned.